Software & App Localization

Start growing your business today by using our localization expertise.

When a technological company wants to establish itself abroad, it must think ‘global,’ and take into account all the parameters, such as Marketing, translation of the solutions it sells, etc., to succeed.


All4 Mark does not only advise on the localization aspects of your software, we will also look for issues such as context, use of localized data and variable text and how this may impact the translation process. After the translation has been completed, we help your IT team with the post-implementation process to ensure everything displays correctly and is ready to launch.


Our project managers will perform a linguistic quality assurance assessment at every stage of the translation, to assure the final quality of your software in the target market.


We can work with all kinds of standard files as Excel and Word files, as well as .XLIFF, .XML and STRINGS files.

All resources are localized


  • Menus
  • Online help messages
  • Contextual info, bullets
  • Buttons, etc.


Everything must be translated!
Other related resources could also be localized


  • User Guide
  • Administration manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Training & E-learning manual


We are experts in software localization and e-commerce translation services,
and we speak your target audience language!
  • Whatever software you want to translate, we work on the most popular platforms:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • macOS
    • Windows

  • We Handle all of the Following File Types:
    • HTML — XML
    • JAVA — CSS
    • PHP — XHTML
    • MDB — FLASH

You only concentrate on growing your business,
and All4 Mark will handle the rest!



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