Proofreading &- Editing

Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading.

Professional translations are always followed by proofreading, an essential task in the translation process, which is to check the content translated and adapted.

Proofreading involves correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in a relatively high-quality text. The editor does not change the meaning of sentences, perform deep editing, reformulate phrases, etc. Proofreading helps you to improve the readability of the text and allows you to verify that the content was composed correctly.


Our project managers will perform a linguistic quality assurance assessment at every stage of the translation, to assure the final quality of your documents and messages.

For your advertising material, presentation, speech, script, or write-up to be professional and persuasive, you should have zero tolerance for typos, grammar mistakes, and other linguistic glitches.


Last but not least, the text is read again and again until there is nothing left to correct (i.e., no errors are found on the last read-through). If the text is long, it is broken down into sections so that repeated proofreading is manageable. A new version is printed if there are so many corrections that the text becomes hard to read.


This is what is required to make a text completely flawless. This is a professional proofreading.
  • Proofreading also includes checking:
    • the use of proper names – we do not assume that they are spelled correctly
    • the language and terminology are consistent
    • the chapter and section numbering is correct
    • the formatting is consistent (paragraphs, headings, fonts, italics, bold, underline)
    • that all illustrations (images, infographics) are consistent with the content and text
    • that the words in any images are consistent with the words in the text

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